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Paulmara Estates produces quality shiraz wine from their estate grown Georgiadis Estate vineyard which is nestled in the Dorrien region of the Barossa Valley. In 1995, the 40+ acre property was purchased by Paul Georgiadis and planted to 32 acres of vines. Since that initial planting of grapevines, there has been the additional planting of 120 Mediterranean and Koroneiki olive trees, which surround the property, producing fragrant, rich extra-virgin olive oil. 

The altitude of the property ranges from 220-280 metres above sea level, just high enough to prevent the risk of frost damage during the spring.The shiraz for our Syna shiraz comes off of our Block 1 shiraz, planted on a NE/SW bearing on soil that ranges from a red brown earth over ironstone to red clay over limestone. The vines are planted to a spacing of 3m x 1.8m .Irrigation is monitored by ‘Deviners’, a moisture monitoring technique that measures the moisture below the surface at root zone. Drip irrigation is minimal and really depends on the moisture readings, which are performed weekly during the growing season. If the moisture is at a certain level, irrigation is held off for another week. Irrigating the vines too often leads to less intense and ripe flavours in the berries.


Harvest usually occurs around March 10th. Once the desired flavours and colour are present and the baume at least 14˚ harvest is booked and the fruit is picked mechanically at night as the berries come off the vines easier when they are cool. The fruit is transported to the winery immediately where the winemaking process begins.The average crop level of the block 1 shiraz is 6 tonnes per hectare or 3 kg. per vine.After harvest a cover crop is planted in between the rows to ensure the right nutrients are put back into the soil. Fesscue and/or tretacale are usually used. Fertilization is kept to a minimum as we don’t want the vines to produce too much foliage and become too vigourous.Once the leaves have begun to drop off the vine in late May/ June pruning begins. The vines are hand pruned to 24- 2 bud spurs. In November, just prior to flowering, we shoot thin the vines to ensure the removal of non-count shoots (the ones you didn’t plan for when pruned). There should be only 48 shoots per vine, ensuring the right balance of the vine to produce the quality of grapes needed for our Syna Shiraz.


Paulmara Estates was established by Paul and Mara Georgiadis in 1999. We came up with the name 'Syna' due to our backgrounds and combined passion for fine wine. Syna is Greek for "together". 'The companionship for two like minds and hearts.'

Together we established a 32 acre vineyard in the heart of the Barossa Valley, South Australia. All of the fruit for Paulmara Estates wines is estate grown on this premium Georgiadis Estates vineyard. The vines were planted in 1995, selecting premium clones (1654 and Modbury), on their own roots to grow optimum quality.

Paul Georgiadis was born into an immigrant Greek family, and lived in Waikerie where his family owned vineyards, orchards and spent the majority of his childhood in all aspects of farming and vintage. Paul attended St. Peters College in Adelaide and continued to further his education, in completing a degree in Marketing at the University of South Australia. Whilst studying, he managed the family vineyard business.

Paul was employed by Penfolds as a Grower Relations Manager for over 18 years, and in 2009 left to pursure other opportunities. He currenlty manages the families two Barossa Valley vineyards, while consulting to vignerons and wineries throughtout the premium grwing districts. He purchased the 32 acre premium Georgiadis Estates vineyard in the Heart of the Barossa Valley in 1995.

Paul has a vast amount of experience in the wine industry and continues to enhance his relationships with winemakers, growers and connoisseurs in Australia and abroad.

Mara Thomas Georgiadis was born in Sonoma County, California, and comes from an Agricultural background; her father being internationally known viticultural expert and professor. Mara's previous employment was with the largest nursery for 6 years where she gained a vast amount of experience in grafting, harvesting and vintage.

Mara graduated from the California Poly State University and has a degree in Agribusiness, with a minor in Appraisal and Finance. While being employed as an Account Manager for an agricultural lending insitituion, she also worked in California's wineries in Tasting Rooms and Marketing departments.

Mara travelled to Australia in 1997, worked in a Barossa Winery and married Paul, moving to Adelaide in 1998.