Our Story

A Blend of Heritages and Passion

Paulmara Estate was established by Paul and Mara Georgiadis in 1999, with the first vines planted by Paul on their Marananga home block in 1995. In 2011, they purchased their Paradigm Vineyards in partnership with 4 other like-minded friends. Combining these two vineyards, Paulmara Estate has the opportunity to select the best parcels to service the brand.

Our first wine, ’Syna’ (Greek for ‘together’) was inspired by Mara’s Californian heritage, Paul’s Greek roots and their shared passion for fine wine. It captures the union of two like minds and hearts.

Mara Georgiadis

Mara Thomas was born in Sonoma County, California USA. Growing up in an agricultural family, her father is an internationally renowned viticultural expert and professor. Whilst schooling, she worked for the largest nursery in the Northern Hemisphere for six years, where she gained a vast amount of experience in grafting, harvesting and vintage.

Mara graduated from the California Polytechnic State University, SLO and has a degree in Agribusiness. While employed at Farm Credit as an Account Manager she also worked in marketing and cellar doors for some of Sonoma County’s finest wineries.

Mara travelled to Australia in 1997 and met Paul while working in a Barossa Winery. Upon marrying Paul, she moved to Adelaide in late 1998 and the rest is history.

Paul Georgiadis

Paul’s viticultural career started in the Riverland, where his family established vineyards and orchards, which he managed while studying Marketing at the University of South Australia. Paul then went on to become Penfolds’ very own premium regions Grower Relations Manager, an illustrious career of 18 years. He has spent the last 10 years managing his two Barossa Valley vineyards, while consulting in various capacities. This has extended from viticulture to Grape Supply management, which over the years has been received by like-minded vignerons and wineries throughout Australia’s premium wine growing districts, and for this he has been recognised as one of the best in his field.

Paul has leveraged his vast industry experience and has built relationships with winemakers, growers and connoisseurs throughout Australia and abroad.

Jason Barrette

Jason’s decade long affair with premium Barossa fruit naturally led him to Marananga, his favourite region and the home of Paulmara Estate. Jason refined his mastery of the intricacies of this region, by working closely with Paul on unlocking the real potential of the Georgiadis Estate. His oenological decisions are driven by a deep understanding of the geology and the varieties that suit this unique microclimate.

Our Vineyards

Georgiadis Estates Vineyard

This vineyard is situated in Marananga on the golden mile of the Barossa Valley. The vineyard was planted in 1995 for the aim of producing premium wine grapes to service Penfold’s Icon wines.

Soils vary across the vineyard from red-brown loams over red clay, with ironstone to red-brown loams over clay and limestone. At the top of the hill you can see sand over yellow clay combined with buckshot iron stone. The Vineyard Altitude ranges from 250-290m above sea level which fortunately protects the vineyard from any severe frost events. Irrigation is only applied during critical stages of phenology to ensure ideal physiological ripeness.

Everything in our vineyards is managed with a level of ‘attention to detail’ to ensure the best results possible. Technology is used to measure moisture at various levels in the soil profile, which allows us to make well informed decisions based on observation and scientific data.

“In our vineyards the best fertiliser is the growers shadow.”

Paradigm Vineyard

The vineyard is in the heart of Marananga in the renowned Western Ridge of the Barossa Valley. This vineyard was purchased in 2011 and the aged vines – ranging from 50-80yrs old have been rejuvenated to produce some of the best Cabernet and Shiraz in the Barossa Valley.

Soils are predominantly red-brown loams over red clay, with shattered ironstone and quartz, whilst the Vineyard Altitude ranges from 280-320m above sea level. The vineyard is predominantly non-irrigated, but strategic irrigations are applied in winter so that during the dry seasons there is reserve moisture at depth.