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100% Pure Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Australia produces olive oil that is equal to the best in the world. And the Barossa Valley, known for it’s exceptional grapes, produces some of the purest and best olive oil in Australia. Zeus’ Nectar is a Barossa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil, harvested from our estate grown Meditteranean and Koroneiki olive trees. It is a well balanced, beautifully aromatic and full bodied. It’s perfect for salads, dipping with crusty breads or cooking.Packaged in plain plastic 1 litre bottles, unlabeled.

Zeus' Nectar Extra-Virgin Olive Oil- 1 ltr plastic

  • Zeus, the Greek father of the gods, exercised close control over earthly things. He was worshipped as the god of farmers. It was his rain that made the fields fertile. Our latest success has been the bottling of our beautiful estate grown and hand-picked olive oil under our Zeus’ Nectar label. Aromatic and full-bodied- a delight not to be missed. Used in some of the best restaurants in Adelaide.