2021 Sangiovese Rosé


Tasting Evaluation
Colour: Watermelon with a clear rim.
Aroma: Sweet bouquet of wild strawberry and raspberry, bubble gum, guava, with jasmine florals and subtle cinnamon spice.
Palate: Flavours of blood orange, red grapefruit, pomegranate, cherry and cranberry with hint of yogurty (lees/malolactic) creaminess. The rose’ finishes with a vibrant “zingy” acid line with fine phenolic texture.

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A bone-dry style of rosé which is versatile with a wide range of cuisines, or enjoyed on its own with friends!

Vineyard Selection

A 2-hectare plot of Sangiovese H6V9 clone vines were planted in 1995 on the Georgiadis Estate. The soil is sand over yellow clay with scattered ironstone buckshot. Great attention to detail on vine management with detail pruning and shoot thinning every year. One bunch per lignified shoot with smaller bunch configuration than most Sangiovese. Grown to an upright canopy with large antlers replicating a goblet system. Moisture monitoring to apply water at critical times.


The Sangiovese was specifically hand-picked for the production of rosé on the 22nd February. Picked to retain the natural grape acidity and delicate aroma profile, the grapes were harvested at daylight and whisked away to the winery for processing. The Grapes were crushed and cold soaked for 2 hours to gain the desired colour before being basket pressed to tank for a natural fermentation. A further 30% was salasso (bled off) our dry red Sangiovese (13 March) straight to old oak barrels for natural fermentation and maturation to add complexity and texture.

Technical Notes
Region (GI) : Single vineyard, Marananga, Barossa Valley
Viticulturist: Paul Georgiadis
Winemaker : Jason Barrette
Alcohol: 13.1% alc/vol
pH: 3.12
TA: 8.9g/L
Residual Sugar: 0.2g/L
Bottled 17 June 2021 (2000 bottles produced)


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